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by admin on May 5th, 2009

“Building a Fondness and Admiration System” (Megan Northrup)

Ideas to help you revive and nurture your fondness and admiration for each other.  “As you rehearse positive thoughts about your spouse, positive feelings about him or her will begin to come more naturally. It will be easier to see the good things in your marriage.”

“Creating Shared Meaning” (Megan Northrup)

Build shared meaning in your marriage and family… because “the more shared meaning you create, the richer, more rewarding, and more enjoyable your relationship will be.”

“Equal Partnership in Marriage” (Adrian Selle)

Understand the benefits of an equal partnership and ideas to ways you can create one in your marriage

“Increasing Intimacy in Marriage” (Derek Willis Hagey and Amber L. Brewer)

“Intimacy is an important part of a vibrant, loving marriage. Intimacy can be experienced at many levels, including physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, financial and recreational. Intimacy is nurtured through mutual trust, tenderness, acceptance, open communication, caring, apologies, forgiveness and respecting boundaries. Couples can work together [and learn how] to increase their intimacy in each area as they build their marriage through the years.”

“Nurturing Friendship in Marriage” (Megan Northrup)

“As simple as it sounds, happy marriages are based on a foundation of friendship… if you want to strengthen your marriage at its core, build the friendship between you and your spouse.”  Here are some practical ideas to do just that.

“Nurturing Love and Respect in Marriage” (Megan Northrup)

“Some activities to help you nurture love and respect by expanding and using the love maps in your marriage…  What is a love map? Gottman says it’s the part of your brain where you store important information about your spouse. It’s like a mental notebook where you write down unique traits of your spouse and things about him or her you want to remember. It includes your spouse’s dreams, goals, joys, fears, likes, dislikes, frustrations, and worries.”

“Staying Connected with Each Other” (Megan Northrup)

A great list of “ideas to help you practice turning toward each other in your marriage” and stay connected.  Included in the list are several ideas of how to do everyday activities together, having a daily chat, starting a daily tradition, emotional bank accounting, and learning to recognize when your spouse turns towards you.

“Sexuality and the Natural Family” (Margaret Ogola)
Influences that led to a massive collapse of an ideal of sexuality within marriage that was once almost universal, it’s effects, and some truths to help combat them

“That We May Be One” (Elder Henry B. Eyring)
“The Savior of the world spoke of that unity and how we will have our natures changed to make it possible.”

“It is Not Good for Man or Woman to Be Alone” (Sheri L. Dew)
“No marriage or family, no ward or stake is likely to reach its full potential until husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, men and women work together in unity of purpose”

“Nurturing Marriage” (Russell M. Nelson)
“Marriages would be happier if nurtured more carefully.”

“Achieving Oneness in Marriage” (
Doctrinal principles to help you achieve greater unity in your marriage

“The Personal Journey” (University of Arkansas)
“Principles for having a great life”

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