Pre-marital Decisions

by admin on May 1st, 2009

“The Benefits of Chastity Before Marriage” (Christine Bakker)

Understand the benefits of chastity before marriage: negative effects of premarital sex and cohabitation, positive effects of chastity before marriage, psychological dimensions of sexual bonding, sexual transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and abortion, effects of chastity on marital stability and satisfaction, teaching children the principles of chastity, and practical ideas for teens and young adults.

“Helping Unwed Parents” (Sarah A. Smith)

Some things family members, close friends, professionals, and agencies need to consider in order to better provide the support unwed parents need and resist becoming overbearing or taking control. Included are: parents’ initial feelings, making decisions, support groups and professionals, and accepting your loved one’s decision

“Young, Pregnant, and Unmarried” (Sarah A. Smith)

If you are an unwed mother here is a great article with valuable points to consider and several great resources to help you achieve your goals and find happiness in your future. Learn how to find support, consider some special concerns, look at your four different options, and utilize resources.

“Protecting Purity” (Brent L. Top, Bruce A. Chadwick, and Matthew T. Evans)

“Scholars study how friends, faith, and family influence the sexual morality of youth.”

“The Verdict on Cohabitation vs. Marriage” (Jeffry H. Larson)

Living together before marriage continues to be popular, but do you really receive the benefits or avoid the risks you think you will? This argues that cohabitation cannot provide or compete with the rewards and benefits of a strong, committed marriage

“Reversing the Trend: Avoiding the Myths of Cohabitation” (Thomas B. Holman)

Some of the specific things we can do to slow down and reverse the damaging trend of cohabitation

“Of Souls, Symbols, & Sacraments” (Jeffrey R. Holland)

An outstanding resource shedding great light on the subject of human intimacy and it’s significance and sanctity. Included is doctrine to understanding the soul, intimacy’s symbolic nature of unity, intimacy as a holy sacrament, and the seriousness of the matter.

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